In 1975, My grandfather Mr. Karshandas Patel initiated the business of saree. Due to insufficient fund and lack of facilities, we had to satisfied with small set up of business. At that time, the facilities like transportation, information technology and the advanced machineries were not accessible. Hand weaved cloths was produced. Since it was our initiative, there was a severe shortage of funds. After steady beginning, my mother pushed the business ahead. 

 After my grandfather death my mother alone who run this business. This was very tough time for managing all the problems. At that time my mother's & their sister worked day-night for making handmade sarees at home. After few years my mother & Eight more woman’s worked together for making handmade sarees, and other shop work. My mother goal is Provide women self-esteem. At that time women was faces many consequences. Several restrictions in our culture but my mother go outside motivated everyone & explain why women's independency important in Our nation.

In 2000 my mother's team  have 25+ Women's working in our store. That's Why our goal is making women’s selft-esteem , Independence & Free from restrictions.

With the change in time and technology, we made changes in our business. In 2000, advanced machineries in the field of weaving, digital printing, handlooms and jacquards were introduced in Indian market. During 2000 to 2012, our store used to supply goods only in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi and Rajasthan. After 2012, we started online / E-commerce store. It was the time we adopted highly advanced technologies and proceeded in the world of technology. Our motive to start production is to supply best quality goods to our customers. Today we have very valuable asset in form of 2500000 happy and contented customers who have bought our online products under our banner. We have fashion designers as well as expert team to support customers. To serve our customers with best quality is our motto. In 2012, we started online selling of varieties of sarees like Printed silk, Kanjivaram, Jacquards, Kanchipuram, Reshmi, Banglorian silk, Banarasi saree etc. From 2012 to 2013, my sister and myself developed this inherited business. In 2016-17, to start our own production, we launched highly advanced European technology-based machineries. We have hired fulltime designers and engineers. We have developed modern packaging system for online service and we supply the products within 24 hours to our customers. Our customers get the products within 2-3 days.

Currently our 75% of the employees are women’s. Our office environment Free from restrictions. Also all worked done by women’s Like Packaging , accounting ,Managing goods, checking Quality etc. 


        "Our motto is to serve our customers with reasonable price and best quality."